Advantages of custom-fit blinds and shades

Posted April 25, 2022
Advantages of custom-fit blinds and shades Image

Advantages of Custom-Fit Blinds and Shades

There are a variety of advantages to be had when you choose custom-fit blinds and shades for your home. Whether you choose custom fit blinds or custom fit shades, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, while decorating your home with modern and stylish window coverings. From incredible motorization and automation systems to exclusive materials, there are many reasons why choosing custom shades is the right way to go.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of custom fit blinds and shades:

Endless Colour and Design Options – There is only so much floor space available in a big box store. Our window coverings team can source exactly what you’re looking for, directly from the manufacturer for greater choice. Rather than settling for what happens to be available, custom window treatments let you choose the colour, materials and come with a variety of customization options to compliment your home’s aesthetic.

Higher Quality Workmanship – We offer only the highest quality products available from the most reputable manufacturers with outstanding service and warranties.

Delivery & Installation Taken Care Of – Having your custom blinds and shades professionally installed is part of the process when ordering from us. Your custom shades and blinds experience could not be easier.

The Perfect Fit – Anyone who has tried to install their own blinds will relate to this. Measurements can be inconsistent with different brands and you might get stuck with choosing from what happens to be in stock. When you have an in-home consultation with a custom blinds and shades company like Preston Blinds, measurements are taken care of for you, ensuring a precise fit every time.

Style Flexibility – You’ll certainly have more style flexibility and personalized style options when you buy directly from the manufacturer or a blind specialty retailer than you will when purchasing from ready-made options.

Home Automation – When you choose custom-fit blinds and shades, you’ll have access to a variety of motorization systems. Offering much more than simply remote-control operation, we have options that include voice controls, a handy mobile app and convenient scheduling functionality.

Expert Advice – When you have questions, trust the experts who live and breathe custom blinds and shutters. Our expert consultants know instinctively what things you should take into consideration and will help you to make the right choice for your home, lifestyle and budget as they walk you through various design options.

Privacy – With custom window coverings, you can choose your desired level of privacy, while still allowing plenty of natural light to enter your home.

Energy Efficiency – Custom blinds, shades and shutters are all designed with optimal energy efficiency in mind, reducing your home’s energy consumption while saving you money year after year. Custom-made window coverings are much more energy-efficient than ready-made alternatives simply because they fit better. As well, many custom interior blinds and shades can stop up to 99% of ultraviolet rays from entering your home.

Easy Ordering – When you sit with a custom window covering specialist, the process could not be any easier. Your expert consultant will handle everything from expert advice to measurements, followed by delivery and professional installation.

When you choose custom window coverings, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits that are simply not available with ready-made solutions. If you want window treatments that fit precisely and match your home’s aesthetic perfectly, custom blinds and shades are the answer. When you’re looking for the best custom shades and blinds in the Ottawa area, let Preston Blinds help you find solutions.

At Preston Blinds our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality custom window treatments for all their household needs. We are proud to offer a great selection of custom-fit blinds and shades from manufacturers including Shade-O-Matic, Hunter Douglas, Altex and MaxXmar. Call (613) 230-7166 or click for a free consultation today!