3 ways to redo kitchen cabinets

Posted May 3, 2022
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Do your cabinets make your kitchen feel dated? Refreshing them may be easier than you think. Here are three ways you can update your kitchen cabinets and give them a beautiful new look.

1. Repaint your cabinets

Updating your cabinetry doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. Before you rip out your old cabinets, consider if painting them would achieve the results you desire.

Applying a fresh coat of paint is a simple, affordable way to give worn out cabinetry a stunning new look.

Check out our blog post for painting ideas to liven up your home for spring, including trending colours, and how different colours can impact a room’s mood.

2. Replace cabinet knobs, handles or doors

Cabinet doors and handles come in a variety of styles that can alter the look of your kitchen. Plus, updating them is something you can do yourself without breaking the bank. 

When replacing cabinet doors, measure the exact height and width of your old ones. Make sure your new doors are the same size, so they fit with the existing mounting hardware. 

When choosing a style, consider the vibe you want to create in your kitchen and keep it consistent. For example, you could install half-moon brass pull handles with black cabinetry for a sophisticated, modern look. After a farmhouse feel? Adding wrought-iron handles is a good place to start. The possibilities are endless. 

 3. Install new cabinetry

If you think a total refresh is what’s needed to achieve the desired look for your kitchen, start your research for a new cabinetry set. At Preston Hardware, we can connect you to our network of trusted partners who have hundreds of different styles to choose from. 

Make sure you plan your cabinetry design with the whole room in mind. Function should be a top priority. Overall, your cabinets should match the style of your kitchen and make an efficient use of space.

Consider different shelves and storage options you may want within your cabinets, such as pull-out drawers, or canned goods organizers for your pantry.

Our pros are here to help

DIY doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself.  Have a question? Need a hand finding something? Give us a call for friendly, expert advice.

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